Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Post-Christmas to-do list

Not sure what to do between Christmas and the New Year ... here's a list (via the Chicago Tribune) of things to do before the end of the year.

1 Get unplugged. Take a deep breath and have some fun.

2 Get inspired.

3 Get focused. Play a game with me. It is Dec. 22, 2010. You've brushed your teeth, turned off the lights and are almost asleep. You think back over 2010 and feel a sense of excitement, accomplishment and happiness. Answer this question, "What happened in 2010 for me to feel this way?" Now you know what to focus on next year.

4 Get gratitude. "What's next?" I know I find myself asking this a lot. But in your quest for new and more, take a step back and consider everything you have to be thankful for. Are there problems in your life? Of course. But I guarantee there are some gems. I bet that if you thought about it for 30 seconds, you'd have a list that would surprise you. Try it.

5 Get generous. This doesn't mean you should buy a bunch of stuff. It means you give something of yourself. That could be your ideas or a shoulder. Who has had the greatest impact on you this year? Call them and say thank you.

Finally - don't worry about 2010 -- it will come without your help. Spend the next few days enjoying what's left of 2009.

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