Friday, December 04, 2009

revolving doors...

Its amazing to realise, but NSW has had five four Premiers in 5 years, and with a inevitable cabinet reshuffle, I think it will be six treasurers in five years. The best comment I've seen was that:

"a Party that [clearly] cannot govern itself, cannot govern a state".

I'm not sure if its constitutional valid, but it would have been wonderful if as well as making the speech he made yesterday, Rees went to the Governor and forced an election.

Given the last 6 months, its no certainity that Kennelly will be there on election day.


  1. Have we really had 5 Premiers in 5 years? Bob Carr, Morris Iemma, Nathan Rees, Katrina K (surname escapes me)...who have I left out?

  2. Actually, you are right -- it is four.