Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Apple Isle...

Cradle Mountain
Been a while since that I've written a newsy blog entry. I probrably write more that link to other people's thoughts, which seems quite easy to do. But given I've got a little bit this afternoon I thought I would take some time to write down what's been happening. I should note that during March this year, we celebrated 20 years in Australia. In some ways now, it feels like I've always been here. But yes, I still support the Kiwi's. :-)

In March, Tasmania was added to the list of Australian States we've been to. We did the traditional circuit: Hobart > Strahan > Cradle Mountain > Launceston > Freycinet > Hobart. I think my favourite stop was Cradle Mountain. The drive in seemed so out of this world. We did a few great walks - up to Crater Lake, around Dove Lake. Along with great weather, we also were blessed with the opportunity to see Tasmanian Devils (both in a wildlife park, and outside of one) up close. It was also surprising to wallk around the corner and see a Wombat.

I found it quite like NZ in that you'd drive for a couple of hours, along widing roads, and watch the countryside change a few times. The two drives which stood out was the drive from Hobart to Strahan, which though a little bit hairy in parts (like heading towards Queenstown) was great. It gave you an impression about how isolated the West Coast is. The drive from Launceston to Coles Bay and then to Hobart was beautiful as you drive through the forest, down the pass and the along the coast

In other news ... Barneys, now not only has a DA approval for the new building, a demolition contract for the old building; and we are working on getting builders. Our prayer, is that we'll be home for Christmas next year (2011). Please pray for us and that God would lead us to our new Pastor.

Since we got back from Tasmania, we went down to Canberra for Easter. It was lovely to spend time with Fi's family. While we were in Canberra we went and saw The Last Station, which though it took a little bit of time to get going, it showed me a little bit more of Leo Tolstoy's life. I've added his books to my reading list, and with that I'll say goodbye, for now. 

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