Thursday, January 19, 2012

The River

I was listening to some of my older CD's recently, and I was struck by the song - The River by Michael Sweet (formerly the lead singer of Stryper).  It's one of my all-time favourite Christian songs.

If you're hurting, I'll take your pain
If your life is dry and weary, I'll bring the rain
If you're searching, then search no more
If you're drifting on an ocean, I'll be the shore

I see the scars that you hide
I've kept the tears that you've cried, they were not in vain
And every prayer that you've prayed
I have treasured and saved, my love will never change

If you're looking for the river
That runs with healing water
Bring yourself to me
And I will wash you in an endless peace

I'm your Saviour,And I'll save you Tonight
If you're blinded by The darkness, I'll be the light
If you're hopeless, I'll be your faith
If you're lost, I'll Lead the way

from Real, 1998.

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