Saturday, January 28, 2012

Summer of Cricket

Now the "real cricket" (editors note: test cricket)  has finished until the Kiwi's play South Africa (late March), and the Australia's travel to the West Indies (April-May), its time to collect a few thoughts.

Aside 1: we have a couple of hit and giggle matches, the return of a one-day series, but these are not really real cricket.

  • Very impressed with Clarke as captain, a touch more aggressive than Ponting was, and less willing to let the game drag. Whatever his winning percentage, I think he'll be a better captain. The captaincy  also seems to have done wonders with his batting (150+ versus South Africa, the 329* and 210 versus India). 
  • Great to see Ponting back in form, and I think there's perhaps a lesson there for the Indian's - both Hussey and Ponting were under pressure, but performed when they needed too, so maybe they should hold-off dropping Dravid, Laxman and Shewag .. 
  • The Australian bowling stocks, while needing to be well treated gently are looking good, Siddle's leading the attack well, Pattinson and Cummins look great (and will be fun when they can operate together) as does Harris. It is nice to see Hifly doing well. 
  • DRS - I'm on the Indian's side with this one, the technology isn't perfect, so leave it all on the field.
  • On paper, it looked like a tight series, but doesn't seem like the Indian batsman have the temperament for Australia, and the bowlers didn't really seem to have the discipline. 
  • It will be interesting watching this side build up to the Ashes.
  • And in light of the above, the Black-cap's drawn series is looking better and better  ;-)
Aside 2: Love this comment, "adults take their kids to Test Cricket; and kids take their parents to the 20-20". 
Aside 3:  Good luck to the NZ Women, who play for the Rose Bowl trophy against Australia tomorrow. 

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