Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sense and sensibility - library and kindles.

Adele Horin's piece in today's SMH describes a lttle bit of how I feel. I'm not yet ready to give way to the Kindle.  I love going to the library and there's not an equivalent experience in the kindle world. But even as I say that, there are only so many shelves in each bookcase, only so many walls in a room, and only so many rooms in a house, so the day is coming, where the addiction to buying books will stop because there is a limit to the amount of books one can have in one's house.

Yet, in playing with the Kindle, so far, I'm not convinced that its for me. However, while I love the experience of reading a physical book, and the sensations which come with it, a tipping point will come for me when e-books as well as being  lighter, they will also be cheaper and equally accessible. Sense won out with CD's, though I still by the occasional physical CD (special versions, and some which are unavailable),  I'm now buying almost all of my CD's through both i-tunes and the artists website. 


  1. I'm going through the whole to Kindle or not to Kindle thing at the moment. In the early stages, I had very either/or thinking about it i.e. it's either all physical books or all e-books! But I've decided that even if I get a Kindle, I will still own some books.

    I really like the thought of replacing an entire bookshelf with a Kindle though, and being able to read books that would otherwise be too cumbersome(sp?) to lug around.

    It would be nice to have a Kindle to play around with first, a try before you buy.

    My other book options so far is to continue using the library or buy second-hand books to read and give them away when done.

    Also, libraries are such awesome places!

  2. Was thinking a little more, and I would say its not an either/or as you say - you definitely can do both, and one day, I suspect I will :)