Thursday, March 01, 2012

Born not to get bullied

I read the latest Nick Kristof column today it was centered around a discussion he had with Lady Gaga at the launch of her Foundation. Say what you like about her music. She's on the money with bullying, with the experience to back it up.  In the interview she highlighted how you can be a squillionaire, but you bruise and scare like the rest.

Here's the two points which struck me:
Bullying and teenage cruelty are human rights abuses that need to be higher on our agenda.
Two key studies about bullying, show how when the school has a climate of bullying, the entire school suffers academically, it is an impediment to learning.

Which highlights that we need to do something more, to empower the students to get more out of school, and deal with bullying. Read the full article here.

By the way of an aside, I am totally for celebrities pointing a spotlight in issues which diminish us as a society.

Note: Lady Gaga has set up the Born This Way Foundation, which is not solely about bullying, but also about empowering kids and nurturing a more congenial environment in and out of schools.

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