Saturday, March 31, 2012

Faint Not - Jenny & Tyler (Review)

If you've been reading my tweets, you'll know that one of the artists on heavy rotation at the moment is Jenny & Tyler. Jenny & Tyler are a classic duo (husband & wife) and have been compared to She & Him, The Civil Wars, and The Swell Season. To me these all hold true.  Faint Not is their fourth album. and is currently available via i-tunes or Noisetrade. In summary, the real attractiveness is the sincere, honest, and challenging lyrics.

The highlight of the record for me is Carry Me (which features Third Day singer Mac Powell). Mac Powell in this song, acts as the voice of God:
"when I first met you I drew you in close to me , your weaknesses covered with strength and security, I've never left you, nor will I ever leave, child believe, child believe",
As Jenny sings of her need for God to carry her. The song's structure heighten its impact.

I also really like the honesty of these lines, the first in Faint Not,  a song speaking of the poverty some experience in our world - "we quit because it's not an easy fix and then forget that they are even there // we forget to care".

and, Through your Eyes, where she sings of her longing to herself  through your (God's) eyes, which I find very easy to relate to.

Song for you, seems to be a love song from God to us:
"I have done for you everything my love, hear My song for you, I will not hold my tongue, open your heart, open your heart, for I have loved you, open your heart, open your heart, for I have loved you from the start.
Holding on to hope, is about the hope we hold onto as we walk through the storms of life. In Dreaming of Peace, she sings of her reflections as she drives past a protest.

It is fitting the albums ends reminding that we are anchored in the love of God. He will sustain and protect us. no matter what storms life throws at us. Such a beautiful promise.

Jenny & Tyler's new album Open Your Doors will be released this coming week. You can have a listen to a preview here. If you are looking for an album with a great sound, refreshingly honest and challenging lyrics, then both these albums are totally for you.

As an aside, Jenny & Tyler have also recorded a beautiful version of Simon & Garfunkel's "The Sound Of Silence", and it seems this money from the sale of this song is going to the work of one global organisation seeking to secure rescue for victims of slavery & other violent forms of oppression. That's a double win there.

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