Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Evolving in Monkey Town - Review

I was pleasantly surprised recently, when I got an email from the local library, telling me I had a book waiting for me. The book was Rachel Held Evan's Evolving in Monkey Town: How a Girl Who Knew All the Answers Learned to Ask the Questions. I was surprised as I only recently asked the library to think about buying it. Not only did they buy it, but they also placed a hold on it, for me.

The book is the story of Rachel's faith journey, from certainty through doubt to faith, and in that sense, the book is exactly what I expected. At the same time though, there are confronting truths in there. I have always valued certainty, knowing what I believe, knowing why I believe it, and knowing how to talk to others about it. The book reminded me that it is not that simple. It reminded me & challenged me, that we need to find a place in our churches for questions, for growth, and not see the person who does not know, or who has questions as having a crisis.  Another interesting point is that doubt (leading to thoughtful questions) is the mechanism by which faith grows.

I can promise you, that while you may not agree with some of the answers to the questions Rachel has, there are lessons you can take from her journey, approach, and attitude. The book ends which a great account of why kids ask questions - it is not because they want _the answer_ its because they want the relationship - (Alan Greene).

Held Evan's book is well worth reading and pondering (I know I'm going to read it again before I return it).
As an aside, I have to admit, I have really enjoyed reading her blog (I'm not sure I agree with everything there, but the posts always give me food for thought.

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