Sunday, July 29, 2012

Back to New York

We had decided to finish our trip where we started, and spend the last four nights in New York.  I think breaking it up worked nicely for us, as we had a better gauge of how to get around, and what to expect while we were there. On the list the second time where, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, doing the High Line Walk and wondering around the city. 

Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty
Given that we'd picked Memorial Day for this, I was a little bit nervous that we'd be able to get on the boats. I needn't have worried, we pre-booked the tickets, and virtually walked right through security and onto the boat without much waiting time.  It was a great day to be out on the river, and the Statue of Liberty is such an impressive sight. The crown was closed, so we didn't get up to the top.  I also quite liked visiting Ellis Island, where the first immigrants to the US were processed.  

Brooklyn Bridge
Really enjoyed this, we caught the subway out to Brooklyn, and then had a leisurely stroll back to Manhattan. Given it was a really nice day, we had a fair bit of company. You do get quite an impressive view of the Manhattan Skyline along the way which is quite nice.  If I went back to New York, I would like to explore Brooklyn a little bit more.

Highline Walk
One of the things we'd seen a little bit about before we left was the High-Line Park. The High Line is a public park built on an historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side.  There are some classic street stalls, and contemporary art along the way. Its quite impressive to walk along.

We went and saw another Broadway show. After 25 years Phantom is the longest running show on Broadway, so we thought that we'd take the opportunity to see it, I had seen it before, but it was such a long time ago, and it was great  to see it again.  

We enjoyed walking around the city, and did do a little bit of shopping. We visited FAO Schwarz,.  Such an amazing store - really enjoyed looking around. One of the highlights on the way home, was flying on the A380. I really liked the tail camera, so you could watch the plane leave LA, and land in Sydney. You did have a little bit more room, which is always nice.   In summary, we had an amazing time away, and I could definitely go back to the US in a heartbeat..

View from inside the Time Warner Building


  1. You didn't bring back that Lego did you? New toy?

  2. Nope... but there was so much lego in the store that you & your boys would have loved :)