Saturday, July 07, 2012

Toronto - Canada

After our time in Boston, we flew up to Toronto, mostly to catch up with our friend Alida, who had been in Australia for a couple of years. It was really wonderful to catch up and be shown around Toronto.  It was definitely a highlight of our trip.

Niagara  Falls
Niagara Falls
Falls Ave, Niagara
The other huge highlight was the day we spent driving to Niagara. The falls were absolutely beautiful. Once we looked at the falls we then walked up the main street of the town which was quite touristy & tacky. We drive along the river, stopping a the whirlpools and the floral clock, before heading to the township of Niagara by the Lake (which is less touristy, and similar to some of the towns you would find the the Australian Wine regions. 

We did some wine-tasting in the region which was really lovely; the pick of the wineries we went to was Colaneri (and we also tasted a bit of Ice Wine, which was quite enjoyable).  

I didn't know before I left that Toronto has an island just off the coast. Was lovely, to walk around a peaceful island, so close to the city.  After the left the island we went to see an episode of Strombo be filmed. Strombo is a show of interviews, while we were there  George Strombopolous interviewed Olympia Dukakis and Enrico Colantoni. He was an excellent interview, and following the show he did a Q&A, and said one of the key things about interviewing, is listening to the answers so you can ask meaningful follow-up questions.  One of the interviews I would have like to have seen live was this one with Nazanin Afshin-Jam - an Iranian, living in Canada

Museum Station,
Rogers Centre,
We then went up the CN Tower, and had some wonderful views over the city and surrounding region.  The Glass Elevator, and Glass floor were quite cool.  :)

On the following day, we flew back down to New York for the final few days of our trip.  Toronto Airport, has a terminal where the flights to the USA depart from, and you actually clear customs & enter the US before getting on the plane. Perhaps there is something here for flights between Australia & New Zealand. Not sure I'd hold my breath though. 

I really loved Canada, and hope to get back some-day soon. 

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