Sunday, July 08, 2012

Mid year music thoughts

Now that we've entered the second half 2012, here is a list of the albums which have stood out so far this year.

>> Glen Hansard - Rhythm and Repose
Beautifully written and performed songs.  Glen has an amazing voice, and it is such a shame more people don't get to hear it.

>> Lara Landon - Overcome
Chrisitan singer-songwriter, whose songs reflect the reality of the Christian experience, through trial to glory.

>> Jenny & Tyler - Open Your Doors
I've posted enough on this duo.  But just love this duo and this album.

>> Paul Baloche - The Same Love  
Great worship CD.  Features a  variety of other artists. He includes Oh Our Lord (written by All Sons & Daughters, and another track with Kari Jobe. The words point you to Christ (the King of Heaven), which is what you the songs to do.

>> for KING and COUNTRY - Crave
The first full-length album from Luke & Joel (who are Rebecca St James brothers). One of my favourite tracks Love's to Blame was also co-written by RSJ.

>> Andrew Osenga - Leonard the Lonely Space Astronaut
Really love this concept album. Andrew describes the record as telling the story of a man named Leonard Belle.
He lives 300 years from now and loses his wife in a sudden accident while their divorce is being finalized. In his rage and grief he takes a gig driving a long-distance space freighter for a year. (Due to relativity, by the time he returns to Earth everyone he knows will be old or dead.) He decides to bring along some antique instruments and recording equipment (just like the stuff I have!) and will make a record.
Here's a review; which says it better than I can. 

>> Sigur Ros - Valtari
Really stunning atmospheric music. Yes, you are never sure what he is singing, but just stunning. 

>> Once: A new Musical
I really loved the film, so when in New York, it made sense to try and see the musical.  The songs are pretty well the same, but it is just a beaut story, and the performers (who sang, and played the music) were great. I really hope it comes to Australia, but don't really see it happening.

>> U2 - U22 (Songs from the U2360 Tour)
I didn't actually see any concert of the last tour live, so this is an excellent document from the tour. 

The book has Adam talk through the tracklisting and some pretty awesome photos.  On the track-list side of things, while it is a little light on the songs from the No Line.. album, it more than makes up for this by including some of the surprises from the tour Love Rescue Me, One Tree Hill, 'The Unforgettable Fire', and Zooropa.  The version of 'I Still Haven't Found' with a flugelhorn is beautiful. I can't wait for the next album, and maybe I'll try and see them again. Stay tuned for a post about my 15 favourite U2 songs.

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