Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Lost at Sea: Songs of (or from) Faith amidst trial

 It's no surprise how much I love music, so I thought I'd take some time to share a play list that I have been listening to over the past 11 months. At various points I get stuck in certain songs, but the movement of the playlist in some ways resembles my own journey. I gave the playlist the title: Lost at Sea: Songs of Faith Amidst Trial.

Lament - St Paul's Castle Hill: I cannot say how thankful I am this song was written. The song is based on Psalm 88. The Psalms have been a source of encouragement to me. The authenticity with which the Psalmist knows his own emotions, how he cries out to God, recognising this is not what life should be, but often returning to a declaration of faith.

Lost at Sea - Carisa Turner:  Decided to include this one as there is no telling how many times in the past year I have just felt lost or all at sea.

Oh My God -Jars of Clay and Vice Verses - Switchfoot: These songs were both included as the cry of my heart to find meaning to it all..

Darkest Night - Chasing Summer: Loved how the song reminds us we are not alone even in each of our darkest nights. They have been a few of thoses, but as the Psalmist writes 'Joy comes in the morning'.

When the Rain Comes - Third Day:  A reminder from a friend that though they can't stop the pain, they will stand with you.  I have been so blessed with all of the friends who are standing with me in the rain.

Carry Me - Jenny & Tyler (w Mac Powell):  Not only that, amidst the pain, the author of life has had my cries, and is carrying me. Providing strength, when I have none. In terms of the song, I just love with Mac Powell adds to it.

Hold On - Nichole Nordeman  A beautiful reflection on the love of God, how it is with us wherever we are, and believes we are worth it.

You Hold it All Together - All Sons & Daughters  A great reminder that, no matter how messy things are or get. They are all held together by God. In Him remains our salvation, our strength, and our song.

You Never Let Go - Rebecca St James - A reminder that God is with us in and  through the storms of life. A day is coming when all of these storms will be stilled.

Desert Song - Hillsong. "all of my life, in every season, you are still God. I have a reason to sing, I have a reason to worship".

Blessed Be Your Name - Rebecca St James The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away, and our hearts chose to bless the name of the Lord.  Whatever the Lord, gives, or doesn't give me, I know He has given what He intended me to have.

Find You On My Knees - Kari Jobe - I have certainly found prayer hard at various points during the year. But I think that there's certainly truth in the words of this song. When the pain is real ...  I hope to find God in the place I am.

We'll Rise Again - The City I Long For A great reminder of what this broken world is destined for, renewal and rebirth.

We Declare - Carisa Turner - Like the Psalmist I wanted the playlist to end with a declaration of praises. As I'm often at  this point too, I am holding on to the promises of God. Sometimes it seems like its with a monkey grip, at other times I'm clutching for fingernails.

Live it Well - Switchfoot I've included this song as a reflection on how I want to be living - living for more than just a funeral. One Life, One Story to tell.

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