Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekend sport review

A couple of points from the weekend. Just how good is Thurston. Two weeks in a row he's the man who has made the winning plan. He's certainly one of the best players I've seen.

I feel for Brisbane and Canberra who both lost to North Queensland in extra time. I'd like to see the loser awarded a point for the draw after 90 mins, and if you have a winner in extra time, they can get another point.

Personally I'd scrap Golden Point, and have the result after 90 minutes stand. I'd have Golden Try in the final series. The teams would play five minutes each way. You could kick a field goal, but the other team has time to respond.

The Roosters have started much better than last year with two good wins, maybe we can file them as a dark horse. But hard to read the form lines at the moment.

Brisbane qualified for the Grand Final,  and will get to host the game.  I'm hoping the AFL decides to hold the game in Brisbane, and as a stand alone fixture, rather than making it as part of a double header with the Lions-Gold Coast Men's match. It seems that it will be Adelaide or Melbourne who join them in the final.

The Swans had another good but tight win in the Community Series, 77-74 against St Kilda. Can't wait for the season proper to start.

Super Rugby
Hard to know what to make of the competition. A couple of huge wins didn't really help the Hurricanes (who lost to the Chiefs) The Crusaders had a stunning 22-17 come from behind win against the Reds.

UEFA Champions League
Maybe 2017 will be the year of amazing come from behind wins. With the Patriots winning the Superbowl from 3-28 the biggest in SuperBowl history a prime example. In UCL history no team had come back from 0-4 down in a tie, But Barcelona who led 3-1 at home, needed to score three more goals to win the tie.

They left it to the 88th minute, when they scored the first of the three they needed. I still can't believe that it happened. It brought back memories who trialed Perth Glory, 3-0 in Perth before scoring three goals in the second half to force extra time and penalties which they then won . The speed of the Goals brings Manchester United's 2 stoppage time goals to win the 98/99 Champions League Final to mind.

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