Wednesday, March 01, 2017

What I'm in to January/February edition

So, I know I'm a little late on this, but here's a sort post on what I've been in to over the past few months.

It has been quite a light month for reading, the only book I was able to get through last month was 'The Memory Artist' (Katherine Brabon). The book is set in Russia from Stalin to Gorbachev era, and deals with memory of Russia's past. Quite a well written novel. 

So, after quite some time I have finally finished watching The X-Files, well just the original series. The quality was a little uneven. There were some great episodes and some not so great. The overarching story for the show was quite good, but the ending didn't seem right (that said I'm not sure how I wanted it to end).  I am chasing up the most recent episodes to see what they add to the overarching story

I also started re-watching The West Wing, and have just finished Season Five, and I have been reminded how great (and even) the shows writing is. I had often recalled that Season Five was one of the weaker seasons, but this time around I have been really struck by this season - and the story lines with CJ and the President at the beginning of the season, and the tension between Josh and Donna toward the end of the season.

The episode which really hit was Access (a documentary about CJ Cregg), it provided a great reminder about what the Press Secretary in the White House. A role the current Press Secretary doesn't seem interested in.

The other arch that is striking is the tension between Toby and Will about the Vice-President and potential Presidential candidate Bob Russell.

I also finished Borgen. I watched the first two seasons but hadn't seen the third season. The third season was equally as impressive as the first two, and again focused on some meaty issues. I was struck with how differently the shows dealt with Prostitution. 

Additionally, I have been watching some the Women's AFL.  The game so far have been great ,and well supported with large and passionate crowds attending. Almost halfway through the season and interesting two unexpected teams are on the top two places.

I've mostly been listening to recordings of some of Bruce Springsteen's concerts and a little bit of Coldplay (A Head Full of Dreams), and Lydia Cole's new album (Lay of the Land). I've just bought Conor Oberst's albums.

I hadn't really listened to a lot of Bruce Springsteen. I knew a few of his songs, and wanted to hear him perform live.  The concerts have been great to listen to. He's quite the performer, and I love how he lets the songs speak for themselves. 

I am really enjoying Coldplay's A Head Full of Dreams, especially after seeing them in concert. Just a fun positive album to listen to.

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