Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Sport Shorts - 6 August

The business end of the season is nearly upon us with some really intriguing match ups in both the NRL and AFL.


  • The Swans bounced back to form with a good win over Geelong. Win their next three games and they may scrape into the top four. 
  • Its great that in August we're talking of Richmond and Melbourne as potential top four and eight teams respectively
  • The Giants looked really great over the weekend and maybe starting to click, but their game against the Western Bulldogs will show more about them. 
  • Adelaide were awesome in the showdown, absolutely demolishing Port. If the Swans don't win it, I'll be cheering for the Crows. 
  • For me, its great the Tigers are playing Richmond in Geelong.  There's a reason teams have home grounds, and the Cats should have the first option on where their home games are played.
  • The other talking point this weekend was the tackle. I don't think a tackle, or tackling style, which leaves a player suffering from concussion can be called perfect. 
  • Brisbane roared back to form with a record win against the Titans.  I'd put them second behind Melbourne to win the title. Parramatta with 5 wins in a row now are starting to find form at the right end of the season. 
  • Congrats to the Knights, beating the Warriors and winning two consecutive games for the first time in a few years.  The Warriors have been disappointing again, I wish I knew what was going on. They look awesome on paper, but just don't deliver on the field. 
  • The Raiders looked good against the Sharks so if the Dragons and Panthers don't keep winning they may sneak into the eight. 
  • Seriously disappointed in the latest trend of coaches criticising the referees. First it was Ricky Stuart (I'm still stunned he didn't get a fine) then Paul McGregor and now Paul Green.  To me, if there is a problem called the referees boss and have a phone conversation. Don't question the integrity of the officials publicly. 
  • It is now 100 days to the Rugby League World Cup. Both the Men's and Women's tournaments will take place in Australia this year. I expect Australia will win both, but you never know. 
  • The Womens' Rugby World Cup starts this week.  Will be an interesting tournament.  Wish it was on free-to-air TV to see though. 

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