Tuesday, August 08, 2017

What I'm in to - July 2017

Can't believe that another month is gone and its now the beginning of August. So its time for another, What I'm in too post.

Pretty ordinary month for reading.  I haven't read anything. Something to work on in August :)

The highlight of July was the release of Nichole Nordeman's album Every Mile Mattered.  Nichole is one of my all time favourite singer songwriters. The album certainly highlights that with some really powerful songs. Dear Me a song written to herself, and its certainly caused me to reflect on my faith now and where I've come from. The album also has a wonderful cover of U2's Beautiful Day. The song is slowed down and it really works.

Quiet month of TV. Most Mondays to Wednesdays I begin the day by watching the Baseball from the US. The catch on this video is one of the reasons I keep watching.  The game is amazing. I think I've said it elsewhere but the walk off hit or home run is unique in sport (and this game had them both, see the game highlights here).

I've also been enjoying watching Shark Tank. Really interesting pitches, the investors are really great people too.

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