Sunday, July 08, 2018

What I’ve been into - June

Been meaning to write for a while, hard to believe the year is now half gone. We’re over half way through the World Cup.

To be fair most of June is in a sleepy haze due to the World Cup. So I guess that’s where I should start. I’ve really enjoyed watching it. Now we are also most down to the final four, with the final games due to be played tonight. Still hoping for a new winner, of the remaining six teams only France and England have won it before.

More personally, at the end of June, I saw my Doctor, and am now taking a brief break from treatment. The main reasons for this is that I’m currently stable, and it’s good to give my body a break. So I feel good to have the break, but find the relentlessness of treatment and scans hard. I also feel that life is in a holding pattern. My expectation for the future is that while I will have the occasional breaks, I will be having some form of treatment for the foreseeable future.

The highlights from June have been spending time helping out at H’s school with reading groups. I’ve also enjoyed getting to know some of the kids and their parents through both the reading group and a social event.

I’ve been enjoying spending some time working in the church office, it’s really helpful for me to spend some time doing something productive, especially in a work place where I can see people.

On to what I’ve been watching, reading and listening to.

Again, to be honest I haven’t read that much this month. I do have a few books on my reading list. I’m still keen to finish Clementine Ford’s Fight Like a Girl. The other book on my to reading list is Rachel Held Evans book on the bible.

Onto music, I’ve been spending the month listening to a bit of the U2 tour. It’s been great to hear the new songs, and a few older favourites. So thankful that some people are streaming the shows for people to listen too.

The other albums on heavy rotation are Songs of Experience by U2, a live album featuring songs from Bon Jovi’s This House is Not For Sale, and Snow Patrol’s Wildness. I totally recommend each of those.

Aside from the World Cup, the shows I’ve been watching are, Shark Tank, Back in time for Dinner, Masterchef and the beginning of the month saw the tale end of The Voice. Staring with The Voice. There really wasn’t a standout contestant. I was sad that Sam won, while he’s certainly talented, I feel the controversy surrounding him worked in his favour.  Masterchef is always great, and I love how supportive the contestants are of each other.

Back Home in time for Dinner has been a great look at the trends of the last 50 years.

Shark Tank has been fun too. I’ve certainly liked the banter between the Sharks this season. Often amazed at some of the valuations the contestants come in with.

Again I haven’t watched many movies so there’s nothing to say here. On the cards for July and the school holidays is a trip to the Powerhouse Museum and a weekend away.

Planning to try and write more blogposts over the next little while, but we’ll see how I go. On Wednesday I will be seeing my oncologist, which will hopefully give more shape to the rest of the year.

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