Sunday, September 23, 2018

Sporting shorts - Number 29.

Preliminary final weekend done for another year. We started with twenty teams in both the league and AFL and are now down to the final two. I'm certainly not seeing the teams I would have predicted at the beginning or even half way through the year.


  • We're looking at a Collingwood v West Coast Final. I know the unwritten law seems to be that the only option here is to cheer for West Coast, and I certainly will be cheering for West Coast but I can't help but what to praise Collingwood for keeping their faith in Nathan Buckley, and in some senses it would be fitting for him to end his career as a Premiership Coach. Sadly he never won the flag as a player. 
  • Hard to believe but that was Collingwood's first finals win over Richmond in 80 years. 
  • I haven't heard this out of Richmond, but the slowness of their start did make me wonder if they were harmed by having the 'bye' before their final and then the week off prior to the Preliminary final. I certainly felt the week off may have hurt Geelong last year too. 
  • The final will see the Sydney Roosters tackle Melbourne. I'll be cheering for the Storm here. It's going to quite the anti-climax if Cronk's ruled out with injury and Slater is suspended. I think it's largely in how I hear some non-Melbourne fans talk about Melbourne which make it an easy decision to cheer for them.  I also really enjoy, for the most part, the way the play the game on the field. 
  • I personally haven't seen the incident, so I won't comment on Slater's shoulder charge except to say that I hope he gets a fine and can play. He deserves to go out a champion. 
  • In spite of the above with Napa and Mitchell back you think the Roosters will be a good chance to win. 
  • Melbourne in many ways are a benchmark club in how they are run, and how they continue to seem to develop many exceptionally talented players
  • No Rugby Championship games this weekend, that competition will resume next weekend with Australia travelling to South Africa, and New Zealand in Argentina. 
  • The English Soccer is settling down to business as usual pretty much - Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea leading the way as three unbeaten teams. As for Arsenal, they had a tough start to the season but are slowly improving. 
  • I'm looking forward to following the European Champions League which started this week. 
  • Didn't realise is started so early, but the Domestic Cricket Season is already upon us, with Warner and Smith starting out on their 'redemptive' journey in Grade Cricket this weekend, and the Inter-State One Day Competition starting this week too. 

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