Friday, September 21, 2018

Sporting shorts - Round 28.

Well we're almost there, Prelim Final weekend's coming up. It's setting up nicely for a Sydney team to win the League and a Melbourne team the AFL, but we'll see. This weeks post has been delayed by another hospital stay, but I'm hoping to be home tomorrow, and enjoy the Preliminary Final weekend and Grand Final weekend from home rather than hospital.


  • Penrith tried for one comeback too many and are now out with a one point loss to the Sharks. 
  • The Dragons were perhaps a touch unlucky but its lovely to see the Bunnies in the Preliminary Final. Who knows the Sexting controversy might just help them along the tough finals road. 
  • Next weekend Cronulla play Melbourne and Souths tackle the Roosters. Melbourne can make their third Grand Final in three years and I think this is the Roosters six Preliminary final in as many years.
  • Laying my cards on the table - I'm going for the Storm to win the competition (and probably beat Cronk's Roosters to do it). It is easier than I thought to cheer for Melbourne because of the rabid dislike some Sydney residents have for them. 
  • Relieved the Demon's win. Who'd have thought at the start of the year Collingwood, West Coast and Melbourne would be playing Preliminary finals. 
  • Massive credit to Nathan Buckley - midway through last year (or maybe the year before) he endured the often terminal coaching review and the team have done incredibly well this year. 
  • Sadly, the two teams I care about are on the same side of the draw with Melbourne playing in Perth. Just can't be a fan of Richmond or Collingwood. 
  • I'm expecting Richmond to play Melbourne in the first all Melbourne final for a few years. My heart is with Melbourne but sadly my head is saying Richmond will be to good this year. 

  • Feel like maybe All Blacks go what they deserved - still likely to win the championship but would have liked a win over the weekend :) I think they just need to avoid defeat in their next game. 
  • Surprised that Argentina won in Australia. I do feel that the Puma's have improved since they've been part of the Rugby Championship.
  • Can't really pick a pecking order for the World Cup. Yes I suspect NZ will start favourites, Ireland are my dark horse. 

  • Saddened that Glen Maxwell didn't get a call up for the upcoming tests against Pakistan. Given the players still banned it seems like the perfect time to give him another go. 
  • So, we're week two into the new NFL season and for me the biggest news is the Browns didn't lose their first game - it finished in an overtime tie. We'll see how the teams settle.  I think I need to work out who to cheer for, might need help in working out who to go for. NFL seems to be a sport where the teams can move cities. At the moment - I'm leaning to Seattle because a good friend lives there.
  • The MLB is heating up with just the wild card races to decide. The Blue Jays won't make the post season this year but seem to have done slightly better than last year :)  So there is still hope :) 

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