Monday, November 12, 2018

Def Leppard / Scorpions (Dallas Crane) Concert review

Def Leppard was one of the first metal bands I recall getting into - I think it was David Gray and Michael Gromek who were the inspiration. It was I think 1991, and Let's Get Rocked cane out. The attitude in that song certainly resonated with the teenager in me. I don't recall Def Leppard visiting Australia often, so I had been keeping an eye on tickets hopeful that if I was well enough the week before, I'd buy a ticket and go. I do have to admit it was touch and go at some points about whether I would go, but I did end up going, and they did not disappoint.

I have to admit, I am a Scorpions fan, and the fact they couldn't perform was disappointing, as was the way the news wasn't really circulated before the show at the venue. That said I still had an awesome night. Most people would remember The Scorpions from this song Winds of Change. I feel like it was their only big hit in Australia.

It was quite an interesting crowd, comprised mostly of dads and their teenage daughters and sons. There was certainly a lot of long hair in the room.

Have to take my hat of to Dallas Crane - a Melbourne based rcok band who were invited mid afternoon to play. The crowd warmed up slowly for them. Have to admit I won't be checking them out in the future, but they did a great job, in the circumstances.

Def Leppard hit the stage just after 9, and began by playing their album Hysteria in full, before concluding with a variety of tracks - some pre Hysteria and some more recent, like Let's Get Rocked, Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad.  Hard to believe that Hsyteria is now 31 years old.

A couple of highlights for me were Love Bites, Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad, Hysteria, and there was a very tasteful and moving tribute to Stephen Clark, their original lead guitarist. I am blown away every time I look at Rick Allen - their drummer who has one arm and plays mostly with his feet. If you're just listening to the music you'd just never know that.

Joe Elliot fnished by telling us we were a great audience, and that they won't forget us, and they're will be a next time - they will be back. I'm certainly hoping his words come true.

Edited to include the setlist:

Women / Rocket / Animal / Love Bites / Pour Some Sugar on Me / Armageddon It / Gods of War / Don't Shoot Shotgun / Run Riot / Hysteria / Excitable / Love and Affection
Encore: Let It Go / When Love and Hate Collide / Let's Get Rocked / Rock of Ages / Photograph.

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