Tuesday, November 06, 2018

What I've been in to - October Part II

I wanted to revisit this post from October as I feel there's a few more points to make.  While I was in hospital the last time my cousin gave me a copy of Geraint Thomas' The World of Cycling According to G'. 

I finally finished the reading it, and while it hasn't turned my to love cycling and certainly have a greater appreciation for the tactics and training involved in the sport and likewise understand while so many get so little sleep each Winter because of a race around France. Thomas writes with a sense of fun and love of the sport and both are clearly come across on each page. His followup based on his experiences on the Tour de France could be a good read too.

I haven't pick a new book to start so with oodles of waiting room time on the cards this weeks I will have to soon :)

Back on to the music front, My treat to myself this month was an 8 CD and 1 DVD collection of R.E.M. performances recorded by the BBC. While I haven't yet worked my through the whole collection, the complete recording of their 1999 set from Glastonbury and from Jools Holland stood out as collections I wanted to hear.  It's fascinating reading the linear notes, and the journalists reflection on both the music and musicians.

The other notable musical event was the release of Abby Dobson's new solo album. I've always just loved her voice and songwriting, and the album certainly doesn't disappoint of that front.

Onto sport. 
Not a lot to say I guess. It is actually on of the harder weeks I find to be a sports fan, with the build up, running and post-game of the Melbourne Cup dominating TV.  I just can't seem to get into it.

  • Its maddening the South Africa v Australia One Series is not on free-to-air TV. Though with the Australian performance - losing by 6 wickets with 120 balls to spare - maybe that is a small mercy that it is not on TV.  In case you were wondering the next ODI is on Friday from Adelaide. Hopefully a more competitive game.
  • NZ lost 8/23 to lose the match and their T20 series against Pakistan 3-0. The NZ summer of cricket continues with Tests against Pakistan.
  • The Champions League continues this week too with a few teams able to seal their passage into the next round on Wednesday and Thursday morning. Interestingly also this week was talk of a new European Super League. Not sure what I think about this.  I do kind of like the Champions League in its current form. 


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