Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Sporting notes

The biggest news was Fiji’s first ever win over France in Rugby, other results saw NZ rejoin the winners list with a 66-3 win over Italy. The Wallabies lost 18-37 to England. Yes, I think we still have to work out what it all means in the lead up to the world cup. 

Fair enough for Ireland to named team of the year. Maybe more surprising to some that there was one All Black in the Wolrd XV. I think we're lucking to get one. 

Speaking of World Cup’s – as expected the Southern Stars won the Women’s T20 Wold Cup. Certainly, a lot of players in the Australian team my children can look up too. The first test between Australia and India is coming up soon which should be interesting.

The Champions League groups will more or less be decided this week – with a host of teams set to confirm the qualification for the next stage of the Europa League or Champions League. The tournament should get a whole lot more interesting with some of the next stage ties.

The New Zealand u/17s have made the Semi-finals of the tournament for the first time defeating Japan 4-3 on penalties. NZ will play Spain for a spot in the final. Needlesss to say more wiill be re draw for the Women’s World Cup will be held on December 8.

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