Wednesday, October 31, 2018


I saw my palliative care doctor today, and I have a few prayer points and reflections from that. It has been quite draining just going in and out of hospital and I remain hopeful there are not more unexpected hospital visits. It was certainly easier to prepare myself and the family for the brain surgery because we knew not only what was happening but how long I was likely to stay in hospital and how long the recovery would take. 
Next week, I’m seeing most of my Doctors and having some scans, so my prayer is that I will again have a clearer picture of what the next few months will look like.
In terms of prayer, the last few months I have discovered my memory is not as good as it was, and its certainly confronting being told stuff you have absolutely no recollection of. It is confronting realising that being alone with me is not among the safer places for my children and I know I’m not the man, husband and father I want to me because of my disease, the drugs and the interplay between the two. I certainly find that hard.
I know that in the midst of this, I serve a God who is faithful and true, who is love, and His love for each of us, led Him to Calvary.
In him, I have redemption and strength. In you, your love and prayers I also have strength. I honestly don’t know how far along this road I would have gone without my family and friends (without you – without your prayers and practical support).
Please keep praying, and I will give another update next week with what, God-willing, will be a clearer picture of my treatment and my prognosis.

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