Saturday, October 13, 2018

On Christian music

Just finished listening to an interesting podcast, focusing on the question of the 'best year' for Christian music. The answer offered by the podcast is 1998 (for a list of reasons see here).
Personally, I find it hard to disagree. At the time I was working out the sort of music I wanted to listen to and 1998 offered such a broad range of artists across different styles of music especially Christian music,
Many of the artists I listened to then I'm still listening to now. Artists like The Normals (and their lead singer Andrew Osenga), Jars of Clay, Nichole Nordeman, Sarah Masen and Jennifer Knapp.
That said, I'm a huge fan of the independent Christian music scene now. There are so many great independent Christian artists.
I love how with platforms like Kickstarter and Pledgemusic you can support them, with platforms like facebook and twitter you can interact and communicate with them.

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