Wednesday, October 03, 2018

What I've been into - September 2018

In terms of what I've been reading, watching and listening to, I shared that in the post about what I did in hospital.  The only couple of things to add was that I've now started reading Leigh Sales book  Any Ordinary Day. In the book Leigh Sales details what happens the day after your life is turned upside down. A lot of publicity on the book talks about Phillip Hughes (a cricketer killed on the field in 2015) and the back stories of the workers caught up in the Lindt Cafe siege. Interwoven with those stories is some of the tragedies from her own life and the story of Stuart Diver.

I was lucky enough to hear her speak about the book at Stanton Library this week. She's such a wonderful engaging speaker and worthwhile listening to. I'm looking forward to getting deeper into the book.  As an aside, I'm certainly going to keep my eyes open to see what other events Stanton Library has on.

Onto the music front. The album I'm really listening to a bit this month is Andrew Osenga's 'The Painted Desert'. Andrew Osenga is one of my favourite singer-songwriters who writes deep, and at times challenging songs. He is one reason that every so often I dream of travelling to Nashville to spend a month just listening to live music.

On to TV, I watched the pilot of '13 Reasons Why' the other day. It is a really interesting looking show and one that I'll look at more deeply soon.

I've kind of covered the other more personal health update here. The only thing to add here is that I'm going to go back onto Chemo in the next few weeks as the last time my lungs were treated was late July. The alternative drug they are thinking about for me is still being cleared for the PBS. A process which seems to take it's time. 

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