Tuesday, October 02, 2018


It is quite hard to believe, but I’ve now been out of hospital for the longest since I had the tumour removed (in August), and in many ways I’m actually also feeling the best I have post operation. In that light I thought it timely to give a little bit of an update on where things are sitting.

Since the tumour was removed I’ve been in hospital (read ED) each week. The positive point to start with is that the tumour in my brain has been removed and I have had two of five radiotherapy treatments on the area. The scans they have done since my surgery are showing that the swelling is reducing, and it is healing as anticipated. I am having radiotherapy to reduce the likelihood the tumour will come back.
What radiotherapy involves is lying down on the scanning bed, they then affix a mask over my head to assist in keeping me still before administering the dose. I'm blessed I don't reel too claustrophobic when you combine the machine and mask.
The whole process takes about 15-20 minutes to do. The main side-effects is likely tiredness, the impact is cumulative too so once we finish the cycle (8 October) it might be at its worst.
Once the treatment process here is done, we will go back to focusing on the tumours in my lungs. These tumours have been playing up a little and I’ve been experiencing the odd bit of shortness of breath or chest-pain. I’ve been giving medicine to help deal with this too. It is the first time that I’ve really be symptomatic.
The past few weeks have been quite a tough period. It was testing being in and out of hospital, tough for me in terms of re-entering life and conserving my energy. I’m planning to take some time to talk with an Occupational Therapist about energy conversation and what I can do to manage my tiredness better.
My last hospital stay was down to an infection, and they have noted that my right kidney is not draining properly, and a stent needs to be installed to reduce the chance of a future infection. It seems like this would be a day or overnight procedure and timing wise would fit after the radiotherapy, and before I go on new medical to deal with the tumours in my lungs but we're still waiting to find out some details there.

So, I now feel that I know what is happening for the short term.
As I’ve mentioned previously, I know that I’m in the very best hands. I really cannot fault the staff who have treated me; I cannot fault them in terms of their professionalism, courtesy, knowledge and patience. Our medical system certainly isn’t perfect, but I’m comfortable and confident with the people I’ve met across the hospitals and allied health sector.
Beyond that, being known and loved by God who is walking with me and has secured my future is a great source of comfort.

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