Saturday, February 09, 2013

Atlas: Darkness - Sleeping At Last - Review

It was the 'For the Fans Of' which prompted me to download Sleeping at Last when I was looking for new music just before Christmas in 2011.

Sleeping at Last is an indie rock band that was originally formed in 1999 in Wheaton, Illinois. Lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Ryan O'Neal is the sole member of the band, and on the page for their Christmas Sampler it mentioned that they are for the fans of Nick Drake, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Radiohead, Sigur Ros.

Given that list,  I downloaded their Christmas Sampler, and the sampler became one of my favourite Christmas EP's. I love how included on the Sampler was a cover of Christmas is all around  (from the film Love, Actually).

In 2010, Sleeping at Last commenced their Yearbook project, they would release an EP of three songs at the beginning of each month for a year.  In 2013 Sleeping at last began the Atlas Project, is an ongoing series of EPs inspired by the origins, emergence and experiences of life.  (Read more about this here)

Darkness is the first of these EPs. I recommend listening to this EP with the lights off through headphones...  the ebb and flow of the music along with the attention to the lyrics make the EP unforgettable. 

Here's an example from 'Uneven Odds' which is my favourite song at this point: 

maybe your light is a seed,and the darkness, the spite of the uneven oddsbeauty lifts from the earth.
If your are a fan of TV shows like Bones, Greys Anatomy, Private Practice (or the last Twilight movie), chances are you would have heard his music.  The Kid President you-tube video also has one of his songs in the background. 

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