Tuesday, February 05, 2013

She Must and Shall Go Free - Derek Webb

The more I listen to the music of Derek Webb, the more I think  of him as a prophet for our generation. His songs speak God's truths and apply them to our lives, both individual and corporate.  While I first discovered Derek Webb through Caedman's Call a while ago, I was reacquainted with his music when his album She Must and Shall Go Free was available on Noisetrade (the website he founded). Once I had downloaded that album, I bought his album The House Show (which contains some of the same songs, and a few covers).

The album was a reflection of where he was on his spiritual journey, and apparently he has a sequel in the works, so I will be intrigued to see what has changed, and what remained the same. As you listen to Derek Webb, I can't help but draw comparisons with Keith Greem and Rich Mullins who wrote numerous songs, encouraging and rebuking the church. In his songs Derek Webb often challenges us to think how our faith intersects with the world.

On She Must and Shall Go Free, the songs which hit me the hardest were Lover  and Wedding Dress, both of which centre around the theme of God's love for his people, akin to that of a jealous husband for his bride (who is playing the harlot), bringing to my mind Ezekiel 16 and the book of Hosea.

Another song was I Repent in which he talks about the power and freedom we can find in corporate confession. The song is a confession of his sins, and I am certainly guilty of some of these sins too.

During the album - The House Show, Webb covers one of my favourite songs by Bob Dylan Every Grain of Sand, which highlights the care God has for all of his creation.

The concluding song of on The House Show (and also on She Must and Shall Go Free where Dan Haseltine - Jars of Clay joins Webbis Take To the World , an almost perfect concluding song, telling those who hear to take and share what they have heard of God's 'relentless grace' to those who are 'hungry'. Such a powerful image.

I'm looking forward to hearing more from Derek Webb. I think Noisetrade are offering samplers from all of his CDs - so if you haven't heard him, now is certainly a good time.

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