Thursday, February 21, 2013

Review: Desire Like Dynamite - Sandra McCracken

I first encountered Sandra McCracken through the music of Caedmon's Call. Their album 'Back Home' contains some songs which McCracken wrote.  So, when I saw that one of her albums Gypsy Flat Road I did not hesitate, I downloaded it and loved it. I have been looking forward to this album.

McCracken has a unique gift to write songs that continue to impact you as you listen. During my first listen, the images and words of 'Go', 'Hourglass', 'Forgiveness' and 'Fall on Me' really hit home.

Hourglass speaks of the time when 'Every good thing will be restored / and the sea will be no more'.

Forgivenes, has some beautiful images, the 'half life of coffee wearing thin', and grace which is measured by more than need, a grace to be something other than what we are, love given free without strings, a love which we cannnot resist.  The song continues to strike me which each listen.

Fall on Me - is another song written with Matthew Perryman Jones and also highlights our relationships - You can't fight a war when you already own the soldier - Everyone needs a place to land - fall on me'

The beauty of her album and song writing is the highlight the experience of the lives we have with each other, and with our God. The album one that I've liked more which each listen,.

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