Monday, March 10, 2014

Footy's back ...

What I learned from Round 1 of the NRL.

(1) What was with the round 1 scheduling ie, why did Souths & Roosters play on Thursday at White Elephant Stadium? The crowd numbers would have to be concerning.

(2) Why was Souths beating the Roosters an upset. Yes, yes, the Roosters are the Premiers, but there was not that much between them last year.

(3)  I suspect the Warriors will be consistently inconsistent this year - was disappointed with their game last night, but hoping for more next weekend.

(4) Not a fan of the rule changes; though maybe a zero tackle for restarts when the ball was kicked dead from outside the 20m line would be better.

(5) More of a general comment - I'd like to see 1pt awarded to both teams after a draw at 80mins, and another point for the team that wins in golden point (or no golden pt), and maybe points awarded as per the Super15 (1 bonus pt for four tries, and 1 bonus pt for a loss by 7 or less).

Can't wait for the AFL season to start next weekend, and less than 100 days til the next Football World Cup.

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