Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Sporting shorts

I don't know about you, but I've really been enjoying the Winter Olympics. Sadly the coverage this year has been fairly ordinary. There's something I just love about watching an event where either New Zealand or Australia are not very likely to win. My favourite story from the Olympics so far is the Czech snowboarder Ester Ledecka who shocked the field to take the Alpine skiing gold medal.

I've really enjoyed the start of the AFLW competition. From my point of view more people need to see these amazing athletes play the sport they, and I, love.

I was also disappointed by AFL-X. Which really seems like a televised training drill. Disappointing because money was directed away from the Women's Game to AFLX-, disappointing because the women's game deserves its time in the sun.  The real driver behind AFL-X seems to be the desire to play the game on rectangle fields, and maybe win hearts in NSW and Queensland (with a quicker form of the game and make an event like the Rugby. Some have also said that its part of a plan to develop an international game.  It's disappointing an international game would come ahead of a team based in Tasmania. Yep, North Melbourne and Hawthorn play games there; but I feel Tasmania deserves its own team, given their history in the game.                   

Read ABC's take on the AFL-X here. My gut feel is that the game will be back next year with a little bit of tinkering.

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