Tuesday, February 27, 2018

What I've been in to - February 2018

Hard to believe, but we're almost at the end of February, so its time again to write about what I've been reading and listening to. 

Well I've managed to read a few more books this month. The first was from Tanya Marlow 'Those Who Wait'. The book is about seeing God in and through disappointment, doubt and delay. The book uses the stories of Sarah, Isaiah, John the Baptist and Mary to talk about finding God as we deal with disappointment. What I really loved about the book is the stories it wove about how these biblical characters may have felt as they waited for God's promises to be fulfilled. In her book, Marlow includes chapters that talk about why she made certain interpretations as she retold these familiar stories, also highlighting that there were other ways you could read the story.

The other book I've been working through is Samantha Lane's book Roar.  Roar tells the stories of some of the players and coaches from the Women's AFL competition, which launched during 2017.  I really enjoyed reading it - and hearing how much the competition and game mean to these women.  I am totally blown away by the book, and the women who shared their stories.

I've posted about this briefly elsewhere to, but the music on heavy rotation during this month has been Andrew Peterson, Sandra McCracken, Christa Wells. I've only just got Sarah Blasko's new album so am expecting to listen to that a bit more. First impressions, I just love her unique and powerful voice. The songs are so emotional and human. Well worth checking out.

The highlight of Andrew Peterson's EP Resurrection Letters - Prologue is the song Last Words which is a beautifully constructed song featuring Jesus' last words on the Cross. Just a really thought provoking EP.  The album beautifully prepares our hearts for both Lent and Easter.

I've also been listening to another band called 'A TreehouseWait'. Totally recommend listening to them too. Great lyrics and a unique sound.

It's kind of fitting to post here that it has been twenty years since I saw U2's Sydney PopMart concert, my first U2 show. The enduring memories I have from the concert, are the man who climbed up a lighting tower during Where the Streets Have No Name, the fact that the band could not use their lemon due to an electrical storm, the band playing One (in memory of Michael Hutchence) illuminated only by the electrical storm, and the crowd singing INXS' Never Tear Us Apart after the show finished. The album Pop is still one of my all time favourite albums, and the concert one of the best I have ever seen. Hard to believe that's now twenty years ago.

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