Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Hard Choices / Becoming - Hilary Clinton & Michelle Obama

During my hospital stay this time around I slowly worked my way through Hilary Clinton’s book ‘Hard Choices’ which is a memoir detailing her time as US Secretary of State under former President Obama. I have to say after reading through the book my respect for her has grown immeasurably. She has the grace to admit she may have got some things wrong and has a remarkable ability to work across the aisle of US politics which may not have clearly been evident at the time.

It certainly reinforced my disappointment that she did not win the US Presidential Election. Funnily enough her book also reassured me a little about even with Trump in the Whitehouse there is hope good decisions can and will be made. Yes, I would probably sleep easier with Trump out of the Whitehouse, but the book served as a reminder there is lots of hope.

I’m now really looking forward to reading ‘What Happened’ which details her experience running for President in 2016, I’m sure it will leave me more disappointed thinking about what might have been had Ms Clinton been elected President. I’m intrigued as at this point there’s no clear idea as to who might challenge the presumptive nominee in President Trump. I think the Democrats have got to be very careful in how they approach the election and campaign over the course of 2019-2020.

The final book I read in 2018 was Michelle Obama’s Becoming. I certainly miss both her and her husband’s class from the White House. It was a great read detailing her life before and during her time as First Lady of the United States

Of course, closer to home we have our own election to look forward to. But for mine, both Labour and the Coalition have limited moral authority to govern, both are compromised by their treatment of refugees, but nothing like an actual election to cause the parties to come up with a narrative about who we are, where we are going and what we should look like as a nation.

I know it will concern some, but I’m leaning to vote Green, and most likely will be swayed from that by the other minor parties standing. I’ll certainly be writing to my local Liberal and Labour candidates once the election is called.

I’m equally concerned by our State Government especially when they can make reckless decisions about knocking down stadiums which are still fit for purpose.

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