Friday, January 11, 2019

My reading life

The year has started well book wise, I've managed to read four books through January so far. Going away has helped. This year, at least so far, I've been reading a lot of sports books.

  • Gideon Haigh - Crossing the line
  • Pete Sampras, with Peter Bobo - A Champion's Mind: Lessons from a Life in Tennis
  • Dan Carter with Duncan Grieve - My Story
Haigh's book is a look at the culture of the Australian Cricket team in the lead-up to and following 'Sandpaper-gate' last year. I found it quite informative, even though it didn't really offer much in the way of solutions to improve the fortunes of the team on the field. Nothing in the team selected for Sri Lanka has clarified the philosophy the team selectors are taking. 

To me, the scheduling of the Sheffield Shield has to be looked at. It does seem that there are fewer players banging to the door to selection with bags full of wickets or runs. 

I'm certainly happier with the spirit the Australian team is now playing the game in, and also don't think good results are too far away. 

Pete Sampras, was one the first male tennis players I really took notice of.  I really loved how he played the game, how he conducted himself both on and off the court. His book is filled with great comments on some of his contemporaries and the younger players coming through as he ended his career. Along with Federer and Agassi, he is among my favourite male players to watch. 

I also enjoyed reading Dan Carter's book too - I'm not getting into the greatest of all time conversation, but I'll just say I enjoyed watching him play. He was a unique talent.  The book has certainly made me look forward to the start of the Rugby Season this year with the 'Super-Rugby' competition, Rugby Championship and World Cup to look forward to. 

Next on the list - is Paul Roos book 'Here it is'. The book is both a sporting memoir and a look at leadership. 

I am really taken with reading autobiographies, they give great insight into how people act and behave, and tell the stories behind events that have happened within my lifetime. Given I've moved to sports stars, these biographies are slightly less heavy :) 

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