Tuesday, February 17, 2009

about I love you ...

 I read this fascinating piece about the cultural differences between Americans and Japanese (my cousin tells me that Koreans are similar).

The article begins with the surprise the author had he found out a Japanese man had never told his wife that he loved her. Apparently hallmark-sentimentality is not common in Japan.

I wondered if there's something we can learn from that - that love is more than words, its an action.


  1. Ah but Duncan, can we really say telling your wife you love her is "hallmark-sentimentality"?!!

  2. Thanks Joanna, no personally I wouldn't say that saying "I Love You" to your wife falls into that category, but I think that I'd also hope that I would have been "saying" I love you in a other ways as well (in giving, or doing things as well, if this makes more sense). :-)