Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A book meme ...

It must have been ages ago now but Ali tagged me in a book meme. I did think about posting it, but then I thought about the books sitting on my table, I haven't really been a novel person recently, even though the last book I read was a novel. So my take on the meme, is to write about the books without including titles. The first was about a minister who perhaps fell from grace, the one before that about why many people are leaving church; but not faith..

In terms of what next, I have Boneheffer's Ethics; the former governor of HK's book about where 'we' are heading now; and memo to the new US President about the challenges the US (and perhaps us) will face. Then there's a book about refugees from an African war. I guess this is a start on my hope for 2009, to read more.

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