Monday, February 02, 2009

Who'd be an Ump...

Summer = discussions about the errors of umpires. According to this piece in the Herald today, the big argument is that you can't have a fair contest with umpires who make errors. I might have said this before, but I think that errors are part of sport. Its a human pursuit, the errors balance out. Little wonder some of the players aren't so keen on technology.

And on a different note here's a article about the power of sport. (touching on the story of Jelena Dokic and the South Africa Cricket team).There's another piece taking a different spin on the Jelena Dokic story, would Australians have embrace the Jelena so much if she came back as a Serbian or American.


On the tennis, rarely do you get to see two class acts (on and off the court) both on top of the game - hats of to Nadal he played a five-hour semi-final, and then the four hour final against Federer. It was amazing to watch.

On the Cricket,, New Zealand are exceptionally good at turning victory to defeat, and last night was almost a perfect example.

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