Saturday, February 15, 2014

Drive All Night - Glen Hansard

Hansard's new EP was released on the Australian i-tunes store this week (I guess in parallel to the concerts he is playing with Eddie Vedder - was such a shame to miss them).

Drive All Night is a four song EP featuring a cover of Bruce Springsteen's song 'Drive All Night' preformed with Vedder and Jake Clemens, and three of his songs. Pennies in the fountain is my faavourite. Something magical in his vocals.

What's always struck me about Hansard is that when you hear him play, its almost like you're on the street with him, and he is busking.  He's not too proud to keep the stage for himself, and knows his place in history. I saw him play in 2010, and he brought up LJ Hill onto stage to sing one of his songs.; when his band played in 2008, he sang New Partner with Holly Throsby. He is an absolutely great story-teller, both on & off the stage. During his interview with Richard Glover this week he recounted the story that during his concert in Sydney last year - he became the Pied Piper and led people out of the Opera House.

He's had an amazing career from his time in The Frames (a band who's music deserves to be heard by more people), to the Swell Season, and solo career. When you hear time talk, you know how he has struggled with how fame 'found him'.

Can't recommend the EP (and his other music) highly enough, and I think there's still tickets to see him at the Opera House on St Patrick's Day....

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