Monday, February 17, 2014

Never tear us apart - part two.

Three things from the second half of the documentary which screened last night.

:: The worst thing about the movie is Bono.  If you know U2, you know that Bono and Michael did get on. But it just wasn't done well -they could have made so much more of it.

:: Chris Murphy, is perhaps the best thing in the movie, the passion he has for music & the band. Really intrigued to read his book.

:: Perhaps the most striking thing about the film was how it highlighted the difficult relationship Australian bands have with the Australian media, and the tensions from being in a band.

It was so much harder to watch than the first half, seeing Michael's collapse.

Finishing the post where I've started here's U2 singing 'One' in Mexico City (in December 1997).

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