Monday, February 10, 2014

Never tear us apart

One of TV shows I had been anticipating this year, was the mini-series about one of Australia's great rock bands INXS.  The first part which screen last night took us from the formation of the band through to "when Michael met Kylie".  The show reminded you of how brilliant & erratic Michael was. Michael and the band are amazing songwriters and performers (that he wrote the words for Need You Tonight in 15mins is just one example). It was weird watching the band write and people hear the songs for the first time. Slightly humorous seeing their first manager say they weren't going to be anything.

Hard to believe that it is about 16 years ago, when I heard good friends of INXS, pay tribute to Hutch. In their PopMart concert at the Sydney Football Stadium, U2, finished with Bono dedicating One to Michael (and as they did in many of their concerts during late 1997 and 1998).

It was one of the things that highlights Bono's ability to create a moment...  there was an storm during the show, and Bono had all of the lights turned off, and the band played "One" illuminated only by the flashes of lightening, then the crowd left, singing "Never Tear Us Apart', such a moving moment.  After watching the show, the storm seems fitting for Hutchence too.

Given that the ending is known, next week's episode will be harder to watch. In the linear notes to their collection "The Years" released in 2002, Andrew Farris writes: "perhaps the people to watch out for the most, are the ones who tell you they're okay", something to be mindful of I guess.

Hutch is one of the great singers (at least of my lifetime), and last night reminded me how much poorer we are without him.

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