Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Five of my favourite singers (Part One: Female)

Been thinking of writing this post for a while. No, the order doesn't really mean anything. A couple of honorable mentions too:  Jana Horn (The Reservations), Elizabeth Marvelly and Sarah Howells (Paper Aeroplanes).

Kyler England (also in a band The Rescues - worth checking out Crazy Ever After)
Song: We Rise Like Smoke (acoustic)
I love the harmonies Kyler has with the other singers in The Rescues, but also love some of her solo songs - exhibit A).

Gemma Hayes
Song: Waiting for You (from Janie Jones Original Soundtrack)
Gemma has a rich voice bringing light & dark, joy and sadness to her songs.

Brooke Fraser
Song: Arithmetic (from What to do with daylight)
When I hear Brooke sing, I often can't seperate her words from her voice, and sometimes feels like she's singing to you. Brooke's a favourite too, she went to the same primary school as I did, grew up in the same suburb as I did, and like me - moved to Sydney. We never actually met though, until a gig in the Basement.

Sally Ellyson (HEM)
Song: Seven Angels (from Departure & Farewell)
Sally's voice has a dreamy quality about it. With the music, she grabs you, and you feel like you're floating along with her.

Amy Speace, 
Song: The Sea & The Shore (from How to sleep in a stormy boat)
Beautifully expresses each phrase, rising and falling as the tide.

I'll write another post on my favourite male voices later.

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