Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Borgen - Season Two

Some thoughts on season two.

The second season, reveals more about Kasper's history, and goes to explaining his character. The scene when Katrine founds out Kasper's secret is powerful & moving.

Other political issues dealt included Nyborg brokering a peace deal with the leaders of North & South Sudan, and what it might look like when a party changes a leader, early retirement, and lowering the age of criminal responsibility.

What I found the most gripping and distressing was the interplay between media and politicians. What level of scrutiny do they sign up for when they seek office, and how is what's in the public interest determined. In the show the PM's daughter is diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, and the press stake out the home in which she stays, making a huge impact on the home. Another story was around the Minister for Justice, being set up to be exposed as a gay man. The final example was when the TV station had a great story about the North Sudan leader cheating the Southern leader out of money, which given the delicate state of the peace negotiations, if made public would completely derail the process.

The scene that hit me the hardest was in the hospital when the television program was discussing the Sudanese Peace Agreement, while Philip and Brigitte were dealing with their daughter's second anxiety attack. The cost of public life was so clearly portrayed.

I am looking forward to the final season.

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