Sunday, May 07, 2017

Sport shorts - 7 May


  • Representative weekend - the Kiwis got there annual flogging from the Kangaroos. The Junior Kiwis, the Women and Men's team all lost. Can't say I'm surprised, but hoped for better performances.
  • Just like Union, I'd love to see a combined Pacific Island team tackle the best Australia, NZ and England has to offer. Would certainly be a competitive team. Australia and New Zealand owe more to the region. 
  • I'd also love to see the NRL do more for Country areas. Would love a knockout cup (like the FA Cup), or a round where all the games are played in regional area. 
  • Quite a nightmare round for tipping. But it is showing the even nature of the competition. With St Kilda, Gold Coast, North Melbourne having upset wins. The most impressive was North Melbourne - who's first quarter against Adelaide was stunning (61-0).
  • That said, glad to see Sydney in the winners list. A long way back to salvage the season, but winning breeds confidence (and Sydney need some of that).
Rugby Union
  • The competition is hard to follow. Things might change, but the conference leading Brumbies on sit on 18 points (3 wins) qualify for the finals ahead of other better performing team, simply because they are the top Australian team, the Stormers on 26 point are just as fortunate. I don't know how they improve the competition but it needs to be done.
  • On the field the Hurricanes won again, and I'm looking forward to their match against the unbeaten Crusaders next weekend.
  • Congrats to Sydney FC, clearly the best team all year and delivered today; albeit in a penalty shootout. Horrid way to lose a game, but can't think of another way to decide. 

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