Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sporting shorts - 14 May


  • The Warriors showed why they are a difficult team to follow. In this weekends loss to Penrith they led 16-0 and 28-6 before finally losing 36-28. Still, they are a win from the eight, and still a chance to play finals.
  • But great to see the Knights upset the Raiders and Titans upset Melbourne. 
  • The Swans improved to 2-6 after a second straight win. Still hope if they string some more wins together.
  • It's an even comp at the moment, a ladder is tight: 9th is just % off top 4 & one game from 1st.
Super Rugby
  • Crusaders remain undefeated, after a 20-12 win over the Hurricanes.  Play off picture doesn't change. 
  • Chelsea are Premier League Champions. Arsenal are now fifth, okay its still mathematically possible for them to finish in the top four and qualify for the Champions League. Though when you talk mathematical possibilities its not looking good. 
  • The NBA championships are almost down to the final four, with one of Boston or Washington joining Golden State, San Antionio and Cleveland. 
  • After watching the AFL on Friday night I was left lamenting the absence of the women's voice in the Commentary box. There are female commentators out there who are better than the men in the box.  I'm thinking Samantha Lane and Neroli Meadows to name a few, the same is true of NRL. Would love to hear Yvonne Sampson or Erin Molan commentate. Each of these women know the game as well as the men. 

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