Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sports shorts - 21 May


  • The best thing about the weekend, was the debut of Eleni Glouftsis as a field umpire. She umpired the Bombers - Eagles game.  Hopefully a day is coming when we will see women calling and umpiring the game, and hopefully that day is soon. 
  • On the field - another win and the Swans improve to 3-6. Still a long way from finals, and probably still not a contender to win, but if they keep winning who knows. 
  • GWS and Collingwood both had impressive comeback wins, with Richmond losing their third game by under ten points, Hard to believe Collingwood came back from a 36 deficit and quarter-time.
  • We now enter the pot-luck part of the season, called State of Origin.  I'm hoping the Warriors will be able to capitalise on it.  Truth be told its unlikely if they play like they did last week.
  • Hard to know what to make of the Origin teams.  Gut feel, is that its Queensland's series to lose. We'll see how next Wednesday goes 
  • I'm a fan for holding the Origin over three weeks, Maybe Sunday, Wednesday, Sunday and no other games being held. It doesn't make the season longer.
  • A more successful weekend for the Australian teams, but it doesn't really alter the playoff picture
  • Ice Hockey - there's an 'underdog' story in the form of the Nashville Predators who have made the Stanley Cup fina series for the first time in franchise history.  They will play either Pittsburgh or Ottawa in the final. 
  • Basketball - four is about to become two with the Warriors sweeping their third straight series and will play either Boston or Cleveland in the finals.  Cleveland lead the series 2-1. The remaining games will be interesting. 
  • FA Cup Final - I'm looking forward to the game, and the opportunity for Arsenal to win something this season.  But my gut tells me, Chelsea will win.

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