Sunday, October 05, 2008

Political Pastors?

As regular readers would know I've been following the US Election, and I found it quite intriguing the read a  number of American Evanlegical pastors are preaching sermons on the election, and some actively endorsing candidates because they are "not sure their congregations could join the dots".  Interestingly religious leaders are technically unable to endorse candidates as they are tax-exempt organisations.

My concern is that  if the role of the church (perhaps like any interest group) is to stand apart from government, to speak truth to power, doesn't siding with one compromise the ability to do this? I also wonder, given there may be legitimate reasons for supporting different candiates, might endorsing one over the other, make it harder for some people to hear the other points they make. (Note: I'm sure that there are times when we do need to stand up, and exercise caution about voting for a particular candidate).  Even with an issues focus, endorsing one of the other from the pulpit, suggests that there is one biblical approach to issues, which I just don't think is always true or that simple. What I find more positive, is to let the candidates speak to the issues, in a forum perhaps and that gives voters tools to enable them to decide how to vote.

One of the things that I will be interested in seeing after the election  is the breakdown on evangelical vote in the exit-polls.

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