Saturday, October 18, 2008

Spring break...

I'm down in Canberra for the weekend, and spending a night keeping in touch with the NSW by-elections (yes, I am a dag).

Have had quite a lazy afternoon reading the papers, and a few articles really caught my eye: the first God, address unknown, escapes on technicality. Apparently, an injunction against God, to stop causing "widespread death, destruction and terrorisation of millions upon millions of the Earth's inhabitants". failed, because God did not have an address. I have to admit that I found this to be quite amusing.  

Secondly, I really enjoyed the excerpt posted of Chris Abani's address 'When we cannot look away' given last month at the Brisbane Writers Festival. The quote below really hit me, as I think about what writers are seeking to do 
This is what the art I make requires of me, that in order to have an honest conversation with a reader, I must reveal myself in all my vulnerability. Reveal myself, not in the sense of my autobiography, but in the sense of the deeper self, the one we keep too often hidden even from ourselves.


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