Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I rediscovered this quote while looking through my emails at work, the full article is here (at Modern Reformation). There's something we do to our Christian artists who go mainstream and the views we take to interacting with our culture.
And when our bright, energetic, talented thinkers, artists and workersgo out into the world to fulfill their calling as a calling, they areoften gunned down by the brethren for selling out to the world. Fundamentalists have always been hostile to the outside world, but nowthey are highly politicized. Their anti-worldly stance which was oncekept within the four walls of the church building is now seen in massrallies in public places. U.S. Senate chaplain Richard Halverson, an evangelical himself, recently said, "All evangelicals care about is their own agenda. They will keep all the phone lines in Washington busy and many of the callers are downright nasty, yet when it comes to hundreds of other issues Congress faces, they never hear from Evangelicals." The only time we get involved in education is to protest public education. The only time, it seems, we get involved in the arts is to protest the public funding of obscene art. While pro-life leaders often confuse the issue of abortion with getting little red riding hood taken out of the public libraries. Before, we were hostile to the world but we were separated from it. Now we are still hostile, but very much involved. That's why our involvement is so harsh, so strident, and often so very negative. Until we see our role in this world in a positive light we will continue to come off as those who can only judge instead of contribute. We engage in discussions of politics as a disgruntled minority demanding its rights, its piece of the pie, while very often we know little and care less about the deeper philosophical and cultural issues of our time.

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