Monday, May 05, 2014

From the weekend's sport.

  • Rohan Connolly makes an interesting comment on changing the points awarded in AFL matches.  I reckon it is an interesting idea.  As I wrote earlier in the year, would be good to see the NRL change their points system too. My three changes would be to: 
    • award teams who lose in Golden Point extra time 1 point, 
    • award teams who lose by less than 6 - 1 point, and
    • award teams who score 4 or more tries 1 point
  • Liz Ellis article in Thursday's paper about adding a 2pt range to Netball. Will be interesting to see if there's any more takers. 
  • I guess on one level the Kiwi's 18-30 loss, was closer than I expected the final score to be, but its clear there is a gap between the two teams. 
  • Rather than the City v Country clash, I'd like to see the NRL take a round of matches NRL Premiership matches to the country. 
  • Went and saw the Hurricanes on Saturday night. Enjoyed the style of rugby played by both the Waratahs and Hurricanes. The Waratahs were a touch more desperate than the Hurricanes in the end.  It may be harsh but can't see either of them winning the competition. Was a touch disappointed in the atmosphere, sure 17,000 people were there, but it didn't sound like that. Always find it funny when the announcer needs to lead a chant for the home team.
  • The plans for expansions are interesting. I'd love to see the 18th team based in the South Pacific; maybe they can work this into the next TV deal. The team could play out of Auckland. Though the most likely location for the team is probably Japan. Read SMH's rugby correspondent Georgina Robinson's thoughts here).
  • Collingwood were awesome for three quarters (they lost the final by 22pts - 51-29). 
  • Couple of "upsets" this weekend - Gold Coast beat North Melbourne; and the Melbourne Demons beat the Crows (in Adelaide). Though something tells me Gold Coast's win was not really an upset. Gold Coast are now 5-2, and have a great platform to building their season on. 
  • Really happy for Melbourne. Hoping Paul Roos can work more of his magic at the club.
  • Next week Sydney plays Hawthorn, and it will be a good test for the Swans. The Swan's will possible have both Tippett and Frankiln available, so will be interesting to see how their game plan will evolve. 
  • Feel for the Wanderers - losing the Grand Final (their second straight) to the Brisbane Roar 1-2.

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